We team up with the leading AI
robotics technology manufacturers
to provide the best foodservice/
hospitality worker robots for your business

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Hire a worker robot or two
that generate revenue,
optimize workflow, and
attract customers.

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ACE Cooking Robot HERE

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AI-Powered Restaurant Solutions From Richtech Robotics, Inc.

Demonstrating Richtech Robotics' restaurant solutions

ADAM Dual Arm Robots

Adam is a programmable base that supports two ARM units for synchronized use.

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ACE Cooking Robot

ACE-360 intelligent automatic cooking machine.

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The latest model can be configured with a sink (stainless steel). There is also a gas -type wok.

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MATRADEE Delivery Robot

Autonomous food service robots, allowing deliveries to go from the kitchen to the table.

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DUST-E Cleaning Robot

Disinfecting Ultra-autonomous Sweeping Technology - Express.

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